Friday, 16 March 2012 03:51
Let me say first: 'Jeff deserves praise for finding and reporting this issue'. But secondly 'showing how to do this, just a couple of hours after the bug fix release is a crime'. First saving someone from a burning house and after this drowning him is bad. All over the world people are sleeping (it is always somewhere at night), having holidays, doing other things. Not everybody is following Joomla for 24 hours a day. Joomla is used by a lot of free time "developers". Al the hacks in the next days are a blame for Joomla. This is giving Joomla a bad name! What you do is just expose yourself and don't think about the consequences. Alan says 'don't shoot the messenger', well, I don't shoot the first messenger, but I do shoot the second one. Alan says "the vulnerability is Joomla's responsibility, not Jeff's". Joomla is 'us', so it is our responsibility, including Jeff (I hope). I agree with the rest what Alan says. If you would publish this item in a month, I would not blame you, but now.......

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