AJAX Loader Animation in Flex

Posted in Flex 3
2009-05-04 00:09:44 +0000 UTC

I had a client request an AJAX loader be used on a Flash site that had, up to that point, been written in compiler-agnostic ActionScript 3. The requirements were not complex, as the animation was not expected to coincide with the loading progress. I immediately turned to the best resource on the web for AJAX loaders - Ajaxload.

Ajaxload is a great resource for royalty-free AJAX loading animations, and fit the bill perfectly. There's just one problem: animated gifs don't work in AS3.

"GC Warning: Out of Memory! Returning NIL!"

Posted in Flex 3
2009-04-12 02:22:37 +0000 UTC

I encountered this error after reinstalling my OS (Ubuntu Linux, for the record) while trying to compile something with the Flex 3 SDK. A quick Google search didn't show anything, so I started digging.

ArrayCollection and lockedRowCount woes

Posted in Flex 3
2009-03-28 19:15:04 +0000 UTC
Interesting thing about custom sort on an ArrayCollection in a DataGrid lockedRowCount causes duplication of items, so in the custom sort you must first set the lockedRowCount = 0, then do the sort, and at the end reset the lockedRowCount to its original value.