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Joomla 1.5 Native Component

License: GNU/GPL

Version: 1.0.16

JMyLife FREE is a Joomla component that replicates the functionality of

This free release is very simple. If you would like Community Builder support, reCAPTCHA, or any helper modules, please try the full JMyLife release.

JMyLife is NOT supported on PHP or MySQL versions prior to 5. Please ensure your Web Hosting Provider is running AT LEAST version 5 of each!

Only the latest version of JMyLife is available. To download an update, click on Account Maintenance in the login module and view your order - the latest release is linked at the bottom. JMyLife is set up as a complete upgrade package - no need to uninstall previous versions first! JMyLife Pro helper extensions are automatically installed with JMyLife Pro!

Overview of Features

Free Pro
Guest Story Submission Yes Yes
User Comment Submission Yes Yes
Story Voting Yes Yes
Story Moderation Yes Yes
Comment Moderation Yes Yes
Optional Story Title Yes Yes
Built-in RSS Feeds Yes Yes
Built-in "Share on Facebook" Link Yes Yes
Built-in "Share on Twitter" Link Yes Yes
Abusive Story Reporting Yes Yes
User Comment Reporting Yes Yes
Support for both jQuery and Mootools Yes Yes
3rd Party Captcha on Submission Form No Yes
WYSIWYG/BBCode Support No Yes
3rd Party Comment Engine Support No Yes
sh404sef Support No Yes
User Favorites No Yes
Email Stories to Friend No Yes
Custom CSS Editor No Yes
User/Guest Moderation View No Yes
Category Overview View No Yes
Submission Module (v1.0.12) No Yes
Category Menu Module (v1.0.11) No Yes
Latest Stories Module (v1.0.4) No Yes
Latest Comments Module (v1.0.2) No Yes
Top Authors Module (v1.0.2) No Yes
RSS Feed Module (v1.0.1) No Yes
Menu Counts System Plugin (v1.0.2) No Yes
Story/Comment Search Plugin (v1.0.12) No Yes
Search Plugin Avatars Plugin (v1.0.0) No Yes
ShareThis Integration No Yes
JomSocial Support No Yes
JomSocial Favorites Plugin (v1.0.0) No Yes
JomSocial Stories Plugin (v1.0.0) No Yes
JomSocial Menu Plugin (v1.0.0) No Yes
Community Builder Support No Yes
Community Builder Favorites Plugin (v1.0.3) No Yes
Community Builder User Stories Plugin (v1.0.3) No Yes
Community Builder Menu Plugin (v1.0.0) No Yes
XMap Support No Yes
Cost: FREE $25

Full Version downloads are now available 90 times for 90 days. There is no version upgrade limitation, site licensing or code encryption!

View the Pro demo: JMyLife Component Demo.

JMyLife Documentation

Customer Reviews:

lmaccabi  (Wednesday, 30 December 2009)
Rating: 5
I was so happy with the free version i just had to get the pro version with all its features. I'm new to Joomla but for this super low price and the
support Jeff provides I am so happy I made this purchase. I am using Jmylife with it's community builder support and I add Jcomments. I never thought
it could be this easy. Thank you Jeff for putting this together and for all your support!

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