Faster Updates For JMyLife

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2009-12-28 06:43:32 +0000 UTC

In the interest of supporting those who support me, I'm considering a few more changes in the way I handle updates to JMyLife. Some of my users have been receiving betas by email, but I'd like to give all my users the option to get both the latest stable and the bleeding edge beta releases, but I'm not seeing an easy, viable way to do this with my current setup. This leaves me in a bit of a quandary.

Thus, I ask my users - what direction would you like to see this component take? I'm considering moving the entire site out of Virtuemart altogether and instead implement proper ACLs and a subscription service. The price of a membership would likely increase a bit and all of my extensions would then be available to members. I have a few things in the wings here, including a new Rating plugin (in use now in my shop) that I hope will be a great success due to it's easy integration into other components, but I'm holding off a bit on releasing until I decide exactly how I'm going to proceed.

So please, leave your comments here regarding JMyLife and it's future. Let the discussion begin!