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Moset's Tree <= 2.1.6 for Joomla! does not use anti-CSRF tokens in its admin forms. Successful exploitation of this exploit requires the admin to be logged in & visit a malicious URL. <?php /**  ...
SOBI2's admin panel doesn't explicitly check for _POST requests, nor does it have a nonce. http://[victim]/administrator/index.php?stpl=default&returnTask=editTemplate&task=saveConfig&option=com_sobi2&editing=config&templateContent=[URL-Encoded ...
... Persistent XSS Name & Title inputs in comment edit aren't sanitized - a double quote in either field will allow for XSS in admin IF the admin edits that comment... Comment Deletion CSRF Embedding ...
... that my CSRF attack had indeed worked. :) I was chatting with a friend about the contest (wassup DrDigital) and he jokingly suggested that I go for the first 5. My Discordian instincts kicked in and ...
The Joomla component Ninjaboard 0.5.0beta suffers from multiple persistent XSS vulnerabilities in its BBCode implementation, as well as a minor CSRF vulnerability and a minor Path Disclosure vulnerability. ...
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... Forgery Rootkit install via XSS/CSRF Final Results Environment Since the purpose of this exercise is to test each extension, and not the site as a whole, I intentionally installed insecure ...

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