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(Shop/Joomla Modules)
JCloud is a simple Joomla! 1.5 native module that displays a tag cloud based on the keywords of published articles.
... { if (!$videoId) { $videoId = $this->getId(); } // heh, just rip the src url from the content we loaded ;) preg_match('`(http\:\/\/www\.linkedtube\.com\/static\/flash\/player\.swf\?[^"]*?)"`', ...
The second one is the one you need. The \s matches any white-space character (a space, tab, newline, or return character). ...
This came on TV on Christmas day. I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Video Content This is a video. It requires the Adobe Flash plugin and JavaScript to view. If this isn't a Discordian ...
(Flash/ActionScript 3)
I found this snippet while revisiting some old code, and thought it might help someone else. It's trim() for AS3, and it should work in Flash or Flex. function trim( s:String ):String { return s.replace( ...
... Windows cares what a file's extension is - the binary data inside is what really determines what type of file it is. :) So, we start by crafting a malicious Flash file. Create a new, empty file in Flash, ...
... has become my primary editor for developing Adobe Flash content, mostly due to native support of Adobe Flex for Linux. Since I started using it, I've pretty much stayed and now use it for most of my coding. ...
(Flash/Flex 3)
I had a client request an AJAX loader be used on a Flash site that had, up to that point, been written in compiler-agnostic ActionScript 3. The requirements were not complex, as the animation was not expected ...
(Flash/ActionScript 3)
If you've ever needed to make multiline strings in AS3, you may have found yourself doing something awkward like this: var s:String = "This is a multiline string\n"; s += "It has multiple lines.\n"; s ...

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