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... in the works, which is going to be much more flexible in terms of addressing the positioning of all of the core elements by taking advantage of Joomla's core plugin architecture, allowing new elements ...
... would also be amazing. Let's always remember, if we add image support to make the layout of the image flexible, both position in the story and size of images for each module - component we display it ...
(Flash/ActionScript 3)
I found this snippet while revisiting some old code, and thought it might help someone else. It's trim() for AS3, and it should work in Flash or Flex. function trim( s:String ):String { return s.replace( ...
... has become my primary editor for developing Adobe Flash content, mostly due to native support of Adobe Flex for Linux. Since I started using it, I've pretty much stayed and now use it for most of my coding. ...
(Flash/Flex 3)
I had a client request an AJAX loader be used on a Flash site that had, up to that point, been written in compiler-agnostic ActionScript 3. The requirements were not complex, as the animation was not expected ...
(Flash/Flex 3)
I encountered this error after reinstalling my OS (Ubuntu Linux, for the record) while trying to compile something with the Flex 3 SDK. A quick Google search didn't show anything, so I started digging. ...
(Flash/ActionScript 3)
If you've ever needed to make multiline strings in AS3, you may have found yourself doing something awkward like this: var s:String = "This is a multiline string\n"; s += "It has multiple lines.\n"; s ...
(Flash/Flex 3)
Interesting thing about custom sort on an ArrayCollection in a DataGrid – lockedRowCount causes duplication of items, so in the custom sort you must first set the lockedRowCount = 0, then do the sort, ...

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