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hahahahhahaha hacked more then 100 website with this val ! (y) ...
... don't know how to protect their sites. Please don't forget them. Now, everyone, not just hackers, could easily hack their sites. ...
... for 24 hours a day. Joomla is used by a lot of free time "developers". Al the hacks in the next days are a blame for Joomla. This is giving Joomla a bad name! What you do is just expose yourself and ...
... team, I hate seeing this sort of thing at least as much as anyone else, but I'd much rather see a note from Jeff in the security inbox than a description of the attack on a hacker board. Still, disclosure ...
That was really awesome but i dont think so that most people will make the best use of it. In India no one going to update soon. So still chance for hackers to search for the vulnerable non updated we ...
One more thing--in actual use I've never seen jFirewall Lite do anything. It doesn't even log anything. jHackguard has only picked off some spam. Both seem to miss exploit attempts that show up my logs. ...
... is, I'll post the dirty details of the exploit I used to hack! Also, please note that I was given permission to do so and nothing of any value was harmed! UPDATE: ...
Since the CompojoomComment Hacking Contest is now over, and I was the only winner, I figured I'd go ahead and share my winning entries. These vulnerabilities are present in CompojoomComment 4.1.5, and ...
Compojoom, developers of CompojoomComment, opened up a contest to hack their comment component. After being alerted to the contest by my good friend Lafrance, I took a peek and had a working XSS exploit ...
Jeff, thanks for the quick response. The link is and we are using the Ninja Shadow Panel for a modul pop-up. I didnt think that was causing the issue, because we have tested it without ...
... so that businesses who depend on their sites for their livelihoods are now certain to get defaced/hacked/stolen/locked out/clients stolen/sensitive info stolen/etc. Because you didn't think about the consequenses ...
... between a hard drive and a hacksaw. I'm my own boss, and can pretty well do as I wish. Of course, not having a steady paycheck to rely on is going to be a tough change, but then again if you know me ...
... edit page, and changes the admin's password to 'hackedpass' before directing the existing page to the spoofed destination, There is no notification in this exploit to let the attacker know ...
... browsers, and hack together fixes for Internet Explorer. This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich.  ...
Sometimes, the default Joomla! layouts for components just don't fit with the design of the template. Fortunately, Joomla! allows for custom component templates, without the need to hack core files. As ...
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... A comparable live server was used instead, using similar configurations. ** Anti-Hacker was not configured properly during initial tests; Admin Tools Pro and SecureLive requested retesting. Contenders ...

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