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This came on TV on Christmas day. I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Video Content This is a video. It requires the Adobe Flash plugin and JavaScript to view. If this isn't a Discordian ...
I'm not so much worried about the facts as I am with the spelling...
So, how many characters should I use?
Something tells me I don't want to go to this party. UPDATE: A couple friends of mine have actually heard of this - it's a game where you throw bean bags into a hole. But as Joey puts it: "does sound ...
Ah, you have to love Fairmont sometimes. Road sign fail? Nah, taken out of context...but still pretty funny.
While at work, I received an interesting Skype message. Apparently, Windows Security Center displays its warnings through Skype now. NOTE: link has been blurred to keep you from actually visiting the ...
Here's an interesting way to run cables, as found in Fairmont's only hospital: I think this pretty much speaks for itself...though I wonder if the person who did this is aware there are faceplates ...
Apparently, at a convenience store near my home in Fairmont, WV, food stamp beneficiaries can get just about anything they want. I'm pretty sure the designer didn't take into account black and white ...
I think this speaks for itself. At least, I hope it does, as I can't read it...
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I know what you're thinking - "Jeff, you sell components and premium Joomla! support, so why should I donate?" Good question... I originally started this blog for fun, in my spare time while working ...

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