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Thank you very much for this code. I was looking for exactly something like this. I'm going to use it for my extensions if that's Ok with you. ...
... bottom. JMyLife is set up as a complete upgrade package - no need to uninstall previous versions first! JMyLife Pro helper extensions are automatically installed with JMyLife Pro! Full Version downloads ...
After a pretty long delay, JMyLife 1.0.13 is finally available! This new release brings with it support for XMap, the popular Joomla! sitemap extension, as well as a new way for your users to share - story ...
There is a file upload vulnerability in version 1.8.8 and earlier of JomSocial, the popular community extension for Joomla!. Successful exploitation of this exploit requires the site to be configured ...
Mosets Tree suffers from a shell upload vulnerabilty caused by improperly checking the filetype of uploaded images. Tools used: Firefox web browser Firebug extension GIMP image editor Steps ...
K2 v2.3, the popular Joomla! CCK extension, suffers from persistent XSS vulnerabilities in its comment facility. Comment "Name" Field Persistent XSS " style="position:absolute;top:0px;left:0px;width:99em;height:99em" ...
Over the Labor Day weekend I managed to upload and execute arbitrary PHP code on the Joomla! Extensions Directory. That site has been patched, but the patch is not yet publicly available. As soon as it ...
... that wanted the "bleeding edge" betas didn't have to ask me via email. Another thing I'm hoping to achieve is to allow users to custom-build JMyLife install packages to only contain the helper extensions ...
... menu module in order to append (or prepend, if that's desired) the total number of entries in each category! Besides these new helper extensions, users of both Free AND Pro will be delighted to find ...
After making many of you wait, I have finally released JMyLife 1.0.9! This release brings with it a slew of new features, as well as some new helper extensions! One of the most frequently requested ...
Today I went to the Joomla! Extension Directory looking for something, and noticed that JMyLife has been listed as New and Noteworthy! Thanks to all those who took the time to check it out, and a special ...
... service. The price of a membership would likely increase a bit and all of my extensions would then be available to members. I have a few things in the wings here, including a new Rating plugin (in use ...
I've taken some time recently to scrub this site of any code bearing a non-GPL license in order to comply with the rules of being listed at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. Early this morning, the majority ...
I am proud to announce the release of JMyLife 1.0.4! This release brings a few bug fixes, a few optimizations, and a few new features to Joomla's favorite FMyLife clone extension! A few of the new things ...
Hey there, Thanks for posting this. I discovered it via the Vulnerable Extensions List. I noticed that this is for version 4.0 Beta version 1. I'm currently using Version 4.0 Beta Version 2. Any idea ...
I am happy to announce another extension release! This time, it's JTemplateInfo, a small Joomla! 1.5 native module that displays information about the currently shown template. All fields have on/off switches, ...
JNoGuest, a Joomla! plugin designed to block access to your Joomla! site to only registered, logged-in users is now available! This plugin redirects guests directly to the login page of either the Joomla! ...
... you can review our component at JED (Joomla Extension Directory). The link is: ...
Lately in my spare time, I've been working on a new Extension collection for my new site, I Hate My Neighbors. I'm planning on releasing this one as a commercial component soon, and as such I wanted to ...
... be exploited by using the 'expression' extension: [color=#ff0000;xss:expression(alert(String.fromCharCode(88,83,83)));]XSS[/color] Font Tag Injection The [font] tag, like the [color] tag, can ...
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