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JMyLife is a Joomla component that replicates the functionality of
... site]/index.php?option=com_finder&highlight=WyJcXCIsIl0pO2FsZXJ0KDEpO1wvXC9cXCJd Decoded payload: ["\\","]);alert(1);\/\/\\"] How it works: the highlight plugin decodes the payload from base64 then ...
... fee, which of course, if you agree, I would gladly split 50-50 with you. You had a great start, and I think it needs a little more code and tinkering with to even be in the top mods/plugins for both Joomla! ...
...  a browser (or extension) that allows you to change your UA a browser (or extension) that allows you to edit/delete cookies a valid front-end user account on the test site the "remember me" plugin ...
... MCEDOS_JOOMLAHOST echo "" echo -n "1.5 Mode? y/n: " read MCEDOS_OLDJOOMLA MCEDOS_PART="media" if [ "$MCEDOS_OLDJOOMLA" == "y" ] then MCEDOS_PART="plugins" fi MCEDOS_USERAGENT="Mozilla/4.0 ...
... "safe" attributes in both 1.5 and 1.6: <img src="<img src=x"/onerror=alert(1)//"> Users of 1.6 can test this by enabling the "Profile" user plugin and injecting this string into the "About ...
... $this->getLtContent($videoId), $matches); if ($matches) { return '<embed src="'.$matches[1].'" width="'.$videoWidth.'" height="'.$videoHeight.'" quality="high" menu="false" pluginspage="" ...
... in the works, which is going to be much more flexible in terms of addressing the positioning of all of the core elements by taking advantage of Joomla's core plugin architecture, allowing new elements ...
... they want to use. Not using JomSocial? Don't want the Menu Counts plugin? Currently, you get the whole kit-n-kaboodle regardless of your needs. Phase one of the transition will likely be the same. However, ...
... includes a handful of plugins exclusive to JomSocial, and adds more integrations to existing Community Builder sites as well! There is also a minor security fix in this release, so all users are urged ...
... rated or most active members, complete with tallies for total good and bad votes and how many total stories each user has submitted! JMyLife Menu Counts Plugin hooks into the core Joomla! (non-legacy) ...
... family, the Latest Comments Module. In addition, 1.0.9 brings two Community Builder Tab plugins, to bring even more integration between your community and JMyLife.  ...
... service. The price of a membership would likely increase a bit and all of my extensions would then be available to members. I have a few things in the wings here, including a new Rating plugin (in use ...
This came on TV on Christmas day. I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Video Content This is a video. It requires the Adobe Flash plugin and JavaScript to view. If this isn't a Discordian ...
... of my extensions had submissions sent, and are now awaiting approval! Hopefully, someday soon all of my components, modules and plugins will be listed on the official Joomla! site.  ...
UnDebug is a Joomla! 1.5 native plugin that allows a Joomla! site to be placed into debug mode only for specified IP addresses! Now, developers and administrators can read debug information for their site ...
JNoGuest, a Joomla! plugin designed to block access to your Joomla! site to only registered, logged-in users is now available! This plugin redirects guests directly to the login page of either the Joomla! ...
webee 1.1.1, a Joomla commenting plugin, suffers from multiple vulnerabilities. SQL Injection The 'articleId' is not sanitized. index2.php?option=com_webeecomment&task=default&articleId=999 union ...
Joomla Commentator 1.1b3, a Joomla commenting plugin, suffers from an XSS vulnerability in its "title" field that enables attackers to possibly run scripts as an administrator. title"/onmouseover="alert(/xss/.source) Timeline ...
... Module No Yes Category Menu Module No Yes Story/Comment Search Plugin No Yes Cost: FREE $20 When you purchase the Pro version, ALL minor updates (until 1.1) ...
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