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... make sure the install process was as simple as possible. Since the component has some plugins and modules that go along with it, I decided it should go ahead and install everything from a single package. ...
Not too long ago a client of mine wanted to have entries from JS Jobs show up in the general Joomla search results. I went ahead and wrote up this quick and dirty search plugin for JS Jobs. Download ...
The Simplest Forum BBCode Plugin 1.0.0 Beta 2 for Joomla suffers from a persistent XSS vulnerability that allows arbitrary injections of CSS rules. [color=#FF0000;font-size:100px]XSS[/color] Timeline ...
MS Comment 0.8.0b for Joomla, a commenting plugin, suffers from an multiple vulnerabilities. Captcha Cracking The submission uses AJAX and fails to reset the captcha after a submission. Read once, ...
!JoomlaComment 4.0 beta1, a commenting plugin, suffers from multiple XSS vulnerabilities. Website Input XSS The 'Website' input field is checked for html markup, but fails to sanitize extra parameters. ...
Textpattern 4.0.8, a PHP based CMS, has a unique approach to allowing user styled input: Textile. This BBCode-type markup allows users to easily style comments. It is also vulnerable to XSS. A few ...
...  7. Yslow After the coding's done, finishing a site generally entails debugging and optimization. Yslow, a great plugin for the great Firefox extension Firebug, details areas of the site that can ...
A while back I was playing around in the GIMP, and managed to find a bug of sorts in one of the rendering plugins. By running the plugin 4 or 5 times in direct succession using the keyboard shortcuts, ...
(Flash/Flex 3)
... = n; // reset speed count count = 0; } } } } And here is what I ended up with: Flash Content This is a Flash animation of an AJAX loader. It requires the Adobe Flash plugin and ...
(Uncategorised Content)
... from different attacks, such as PHP injections, SQL injections, Flood and sometimes even from spam. NinjaSecurity NinjaSecurity is a system plugin that monitors the what is called GPC data. ...
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