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Get a Permanent Backlink on This Site!

Details below, but first a little background...

Today my son came home from school bearing the one thing parents loathe - a fund raising campaign. My brain started rehashing all the foul memories of doing the same thing as a child - annoying my relatives, neighbors and, well, anyone willing to bear through my unenthused sales pitch. But after seeing the doe-eyed look that graced my child's face as he recognized the brightly colored envelope and began parroting the sales pitch given to him by the school, I begrudgingly plunged into the package. Lo and behold, this was certainly not the campaigns I remember as a child!

School fund raising campaigns when I was a child were easily avoidable, provided you lived a substantial distance from your child-rearing relatives. However, with the wonderment that is teh Internets, schools can bridge the divide and deliver the child's pleadings to purchase these wares right to your inbox!

Not being one that enjoys receiving unsolicited mails (you hear that spammers? I'M JUST DELETING THIS CRAP, YOU KEYBOARD MONKEYS!), I decided that instead of pestering the people I know and love (and thus avoiding that inevitable "oh-God-not-a-school-fund-raiser" expression of derision), I would post this pleading to the Internet at large.

So here's the deal, folks - in exchange for purchasing ${RANDOM_STUFF} from this campaign, all* verified orders will receive a PERMANENT backlink to this page. Don't want/need a backlink or even know what one is? It doesn't matter!

Click Here to BUY ${RANDOM_STUFF}!!
Great American Online
Click Here to BUY ${RANDOM_STUFF}!!

Offer ends 3rd October 2011!

* NOTE: Some restrictions apply, I have the right to NOT post a link if I don't want to, so NO PORN, LINK FARMS or otherwise illicit/annoying sites.

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1 Monday, 07 April 2014 14:52
steatcambpen Clayton
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