JMan Using jQuery

Posted in JavaScript
2010-05-10 22:35:47 +0000 UTC

As part of my site relaunch, I needed to rewrite a couple of things using jQuery instead of Mootools. One of these things is the Man Page footer at the bottom of the site. Rewriting it using jQuery actually ended up being fairly easy.

New Site is Coming Soon

Posted in Other
2010-05-10 21:59:49 +0000 UTC

I've been working in the shadows on a new version of this site, and it's starting to come along nicely. I'm far enough along that I figured I'd share the details of the new site.

JMyLife Email Support

Posted in JMyLife
2010-04-15 21:53:36 +0000 UTC

Starting today, no JMyLife support inquiries will be answered via email without the following:

Sincere apologies to EVERYONE who's been behind me and this effort.


Don't expect me to help you if you've gotten JMyLife from anywhere other than right here. I invite any person who wants to distribute copies of JMyLife to step up and email me - I'll be glad to turn over the whole project to you, and you can answer the support emails, move everything to your own domain & server, and handle all the future updates. That would free up a lot of time and effort for me to work on other projects.

JMyLife 1.0.12 Released

Posted in JMyLife
2010-03-31 20:21:20 +0000 UTC

I am proud to announce a new release of JMyLife! This time around, I've added something a LOT of you have been foaming at the mouth for!

JomSocial Profile Links and Joomla Core SEF

Posted in Joomla!
2010-03-22 01:38:59 +0000 UTC

UPDATE: It turns out this was an issue with JomSocial Registration Redirector, found at and NOT JomSocial. The original article is preserved below...

I've been having "fun" assisting in maintaining a site using JomSocial, and recently ran across an interesting issue. The search engine friendly URLs created for JomSocial by JRoute were not being created properly for links under the Profile tab: changeAvatar, editDetails, etc. All of these links would just redirect to the Profile page. After fiddling around with the settings, ensuring the component was up to date, and double checking the .htaccess, I reasoned that it must be a bug in the router.php. After slogging through the code, I managed to find a fix.

Extended JMyLife Offers

Posted in JMyLife
2010-03-06 16:03:30 +0000 UTC

For a limited time, I am now offering extended access to JMyLife! So what does this mean? I am offering to "barter" JMyLife access in exchange for a few different things. In addition to an extended access time, you will also be helping to make JMyLife grow in new and exciting ways. These offers are NOT limited to current JMyLife users, and if you haven't purchased JMyLife yet, these offers supersede any payment requirements (i.e., JMyLife will be provided AT NO ADDITIONAL COST).