Discordian Date Module

Posted in Joomla!
2009-05-21 03:44:26 +0000 UTC

I am pleased to present ddate for Joomla! Now you too can have the Discordian date displayed on your Joomla! website! This module allows for custom class suffix and custom output format, and mimics the Linux 'ddate' utility as close as possible (without the SubGenius options - sorry Bob).

Discordian Date Module is now available in the shop!

This particular module is licensed Kopyleft, so do whatever you want with it. I accept back links as compensation, though I don't expect it. Discordian Date Module is now licensed GNU/GPL as of version 0.2.

Custom Date String Options

%Aday name
%aabbreviated day
%Bfull season
%babbreviated season
%dordinal day ( i.e., 23 )
%ecardinal number of day i.e., 23rd
%Hname of holyday, if one
%yordinal year
%.ptang :D
%}everything inside these gets replaced on St. Tib's Day
%Non St. Tib's Day, everything after this is ignored

The file class/ddate.php can be imported into your own project for further use, or can be used via command line on systems that support php_cli. If you don't need the whole module, and just want the class, here it is: