Install Joomla! From SVN

Posted in Joomla!
2009-04-28 20:50:25 +0000 UTC

After downloading, extracting and installing Joomla! dozens of times, I figured there's probably an easier way than what I was doing - create a database in cpanel, log in through ssh, wget the latest package, extract it to the web root, and start installing. While the script isn't yet complete (and won't be mine to publish), here's a handy command line for getting the latest version of Joomla! 1.5 without having to go their site to figure out which version is the latest:

svn checkout --username "anonymous" --password ""

This should give you the core Joomla! installer, neatly placed in a folder named '1.5' in the current working directory! Now, if only the good folks at would post a symlinked 'current' tarball...