New Site is Coming Soon

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2010-05-10 21:59:49 +0000 UTC

I've been working in the shadows on a new version of this site, and it's starting to come along nicely. I'm far enough along that I figured I'd share the details of the new site.

One change that nobody will notice (unless you're the type that like to peek under the hood) is the transition from Mootools to jQuery. I'm not trying to start a flame war, or even a discussion, about either of these wonderful libraries - they are both amazing and fun to work with. But when it's all said and done, I think I prefer jQuery just a tad bit more than Mootools.

Most importantly, once the relaunch is finished, this site will no longer be based on Joomla! and will instead be running in CakePHP. The decision to do this came as a hard one, because I do so love the Joomla! framework, but I finally came to the conclusion that I would be better served to custom-build the whole thing. My original plans were pretty simple - to replace Virtuemart with something better suited towards handling digital downloads. The way I have things currently, each digital download resides in a folder outside my web root alongside a symlink (like a shortcut for you Windows users) that points to the latest version of each project available. This was sufficient for a while, but as projects like JMyLife started to grow, I realized I wanted more. I wanted to offer multiple versions, so those that wanted a stable release could have it, but those that wanted the "bleeding edge" betas didn't have to ask me via email. Another thing I'm hoping to achieve is to allow users to custom-build JMyLife install packages to only contain the helper extensions they want to use. Not using JomSocial? Don't want the Menu Counts plugin? Currently, you get the whole kit-n-kaboodle regardless of your needs. Phase one of the transition will likely be the same. However, once phase 2 is completed, JMyLife will have an interface that will allow you to compile your own version of JMyLife, containing only the helper extensions you actually need.

As for timing of all of this, phase one will either happen along with or shortly after the release of JMyLife 1.0.13, and the full-blown make-your-own-package awesomeness of phase two will follow shortly thereafter (and probably coincide with the release of JMyLife 1.1).

So, barring any hiccups with migrating user accounts, you should expect this site to be a bit different sometime soon...