Suggestive Dog Bones

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2010-03-05 06:43:38 +0000 UTC

I was shopping the other day for dog bones for our Pit Bulls, and came across some rather suggestive "dental" bones. I couldn't resist my childish urge to purchase them, namely so I could laugh at the dogs as they ate them.

Dog Bones in Package

Phallic Dog Bones

As you can see, these things look pretty phallic. As a bonus, they came 2 to a package, so there was one for each dog!

Single Bone

Phallic Dog Bone

Here's a shot of a single bone, outside of the package. It looks even worse when it's all by itself.

The Verdict?

Pit Bull eating a Phallic Dog Bone

Roxy ate the whole thing within about 10 minutes, then she proceeded to try to steal Ajax's. He wasn't thrilled about the bone to begin with, but ate it anyways because Roxy wanted it. Go figure. ;)