ActionScript 3
AS3 trim()
BulkLoader resumeAllLoaders
Multiline Strings in AS3
Flex 3
AJAX Loader Animation in Flex
"GC Warning: Out of Memory! Returning NIL!"
ArrayCollection and lockedRowCount woes
Madagascar Penguins
Error Turned Art
JMyLife 1.0.16 Released
JMyLife 1.0.15 Released
JMyLife 1.0.14 Released
JMyLife 1.0.13 Released
JMyLife Email Support
JMyLife 1.0.12 Released
Extended JMyLife Offers
JMan Using jQuery
Non-breaking Space Using MooTools setText()
Stop Propagating Events in Mootools 1.11
Konami Code
JavaScript Man Page Footer
XHTML Strict and Link Targets
IE and Opera Vertical Resize
JavaScript Array Functions
Tiny jQuery Accordion Menu
Joomla! 2.5.x/3.5.0 XSS
Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Joomla! Remember Me Cookie Encryption Issues
Joomla! TinyMCE DOS
Joomla! 1.6.0 Multiple Minor Vulnerabilities
Joomla! JFilterInput XSS Bypass
Mosets Tree 2.1.6 Template Overwrite CSRF
Temporary Joomla 1.5.20 XSS Hotfix
Biziant Sentry Alpha Release
SOBI2 Code Injection CSRF Exploit
JomSocial 1.8.8 Shell Upload Vulnerability
Joomla Component Mosets Tree 2.1.5 Shell Upload Vulnerability
K2 2.3 Persistent XSS Vulnerability
I Hacked The JED
JComments Persistent XSS
CompojoomComment 4.1.5 Multiple Vulnerabilities
Add LinkedTube as a Video Provider in JomSocial
Hack CompojoomComment? Ok!
JNoGuest 1.0.4
JNoGuest 1.0.3
JomSocial Profile Links and Joomla Core SEF
Load a Joomla! Module Position Without Using jdoc Tags
Load the Joomla! Framework in a Non-Joomla! PHP Script
Fraudulent PayPal IPN Issue
Moving the JomSocial Wall
JMyLife 1.0.10 Released
JMyLife 1.0.9 Released
Upcoming Release of JMyLife 1.0.9
JMyLife 1.0.8 Released
JMyLife 1.0.7 Released
JMyLife 1.0.6 Released
JMyLife 1.0.5 Released
JNoGuest 1.0.1 Released
JMyLife 1.0.4 Released
Lyften Bloggie SQL Injection Fix
UnDebug 1.0 Released
JTemplateInfo 1.0 Released
JNoGuest 1.0 Released
JMyLife 1.1 Feature Wishlist
JMyLife Listed at CMS Market
Joomla Commentator 1.1b3 Admin XSS Vulnerability
Ninjaboard 0.5.0beta Multiple Vulnerabilities
webee 1.1.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities
JMyLife 1.0 Released
Menuitem Select in a Custom Component View
Open Joomla Modal With Javascript
Install Multiple Joomla Extensions in a Single Package
JS Jobs Search Plugin
AWD Wall 1.5 Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability
Joomla Issues with Subdomains
ccBoard 1.1-RC XSS Vulnerability
EasyBook 2.0.0rc4 Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities
F!BB 1.5.96 RC Multiple Vulnerabilities
!JoomlaComment 4.0 beta1 Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities
MS Comment 0.8.0b Multiple Vulnerabilities
Rapid Forum XSS Vulnerability
Simplest Forum BBCode Plugin 1.0.0 Beta 2 XSS Vulnerability
Testimonial Ku 2.0 Admin Panel Persistent XSS
Change Component Heading on SOBI2
Joomla Reset Password Insecurity
Shameless Google Plug
Validate Custom Administrator Form
Interview at CMSWire
Joo!BB 0.9.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities
Agora 3.0.0 RC1 Rev.4 XSS Vulnerability
JTag Ticketing System Persistent XSS Vulnerability
uddeIM BBCode XSS Vulnerability
Kunena Forums Persistent XSS Vulnerability
WebAmoeba Ticket System 3.0.0 BBcode XSS
Quick-Install Joomla on 1&1 Hosting
Using the Joomla Lightbox
sh404sef URI XSS Vulnerability
Discordian Date Module
jcloud Tag Cloud Module
Custom Component Views in Joomla! 1.5
Install Joomla! From SVN
RS Monials
Always Load Mootools in a Joomla! Template
Recreating Wine Menus in Gnome
Daily Desktop Update
Update no-ip Behind A Router
Dirty Mednafen GUI
Whatever Happened To Jeff Channell?
What's In A Name?
Ęthan's Jack-O-Lantern
Silent on the Home Front
New Site is Coming Soon
Ornery Looking Kid
Suggestive Dog Bones
JMyLife is New and Noteworthy
Happy 2010
Faster Updates For JMyLife
Merry Discordian Christmas, Baby Jesus
Happy Holidays
Interesting Firefox Rendering Bug
Site Scrubbed For JED Inclusion
New Template - Circles
Fixed IE Compatibility
Nevermind the Facts
America's Wastered
I Hate My Neighbors
BBCode XSS Howto
Minihawk... Just For Fun
How Many Characters?
Life Changing, Site Moving
Interviewed at
Violating the Law as Company Policy
Paris Hilton, Dennis Rodman in Fairmont
This Doesn't Sound Fun
Milw0rm, You Will Be Missed
Happy July 4th
Top 10 Web Design Tools I Couldn't Live Without
Which Way?
Socialing FAIL
Cabling FAIL
Gimp Rock Pizza
Poor Bike
Wrong Language
What's A Folder?
Textpattern 4.0.8 Textile XSS Vulnerability